A Little Taste of Sudanese Fashion

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It was years or even decades ago when women used to wear these accessories on a day to day basis. Now, women wear these traditional accessories only on occasions. Like the rest of the women in the world, Sudanese women – who can afford expensive jewelry – now opt out for the latest and most modern jewelry in today’s fashion industry instead of their own traditional jewelry.

The crescent like earring (not real gold) is called Fidwa (singular) or Fidaw (plural). It is meant to look like the crescent, which means “Al Hilal” in Arabic, which symbolizes Islam, the most practiced religion in Sudan. Sudanese women usually wear these earrings (usually real gold) on wedding celebrations such as Al Jertik. The black, white and red beads surrounding the Fidwa are called Kharaz, which are precious stones that you commonly see both men and women wearing in Sudan. As far as I know, it doesn’t symbolize anything special but it’s a popular traditional accessory.

The slippers and the bag are made of snake skin or other reptiles like it. Alligator skin and other reptile skin are also used to make such accessories. Kharaz, the beads, are commonly tied onto the strap of the slipper and between them is a shell as decoration. This kind of shell is commonly used as an ornament in Sudanese jewelry.Yet, these accessories are not expensive although Kharaz is considered to be a precious stone. But obviously, if the Fidaw and the coin earring were real gold then it would be really expensive especially because these accessories are rarely worn now.


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