Increase of Africans in Qatar

A big story through a very small window

They are security men, pharmacists, engineers, salesmen, doormen, cashiers, teachers and many other occupations of low or middle income. They came to Qatar looking for a better life, just like most other expatriates here.

Africans, especially non-Arabs such as Kenyans, Ethiopians, Zambians, South Africans, Ghanaians and Nigerians, are the newest workforce in Qatar. They are taking up jobs that Indians and other South Asians commonly acquire in this small peninsula. South Africans and Nigerians, though, hold better occupations in Qatar than other non-Arab Africans. Engineering, teaching, advertising and business administrating are some of the many jobs they obtain.

“Nigeria is an oil producing country,” said a Nigerian pharmacist, Kabir Oritola. “Most of the workers there are not safe and find their way to a safe place like Qatar.” There are at least 2,000 Nigerians among the approximately 1.6 million people in Qatar.

The increase in this new source of manpower began in the beginning of 2010. Africans have been residents of Qatar for years, but now they are no longer such a small community. A Kenyan embassy will soon be opening in Qatar because of the increased number of Kenyans. However, out of the seven African countries mentioned, only South Africa has an embassy. Instead of a Nigerian embassy in Qatar is the Diaspora Organization (NIDO-Qatar), a Nigerian community organization that helps Nigerians to connect with one another and discuss their issues. However, according to Oritola, a Nigerian embassy is in the process of being established in Qatar because of the growing community of Nigerians.

As these nationalities increase, a question of feeling comfortable in this foreign country also rises. “As an expatriate, I cannot be at home even if I live here for a 100 years,” said Oritola. In his eyes, the Qatari laws make it difficult for non-nationals to feel at home because of the difficulties they face in bringing their families to Qatar. It’s equally difficult for them to go back home because of their commitment to work, and the money they make allows them to travel only once every year.

16 thoughts on “Increase of Africans in Qatar

  1. Hi ive been offered a job by a school called al maha-do u know anything bout this school? Whats the experience of black people in qatar? Ive heard a lot of negative things.

    • I know of Al Maha school. It’s actually a really good school for students but I don’t know much about being an employee over there. I honestly can’t tell what to expect and what treatment you’ll get but I think it will be ok. Getting a job in Qatar especially in education is a good thing specifically the pay.

      • I’ve heard cases of Africans being oppressed in some middle east countries especially Saudi Arabia, please give me your opinion on whether this happens in Qatar as well or not.

  2. Thanks 4 ur response. Wd u know anything abt the cost of living there? They r offering £1700, furnishd accommodation, visas n a few other things. Its hard 2 know wot a good offer is n i hv 2 b careful as id b moving with dependants. I wd appreciate any and all advice u can gv me.

    • Well, the cost of living is high but you can still find something suitable for your salary. The offer is really good actually. Go to Qatar Living or Qatar Visitor, they’ll have great advice on these things. I think you should take it though. Good luck!

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    I am writting you this because i need a job before my graduation am still a student.
    I’ll be very grate ful if my application is been considered.
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  4. May Allah make things easy and enrich you guys over there and help us we aspirant to enter there easily.In Sha Allah.

  5. my name is Yusuf from Ghana planning to come over to Qatar for a job offered and i will be more than happy if i’ll have to come along with my wife.

  6. am a grduate in travel and tourism am 19 i wish to be an air hostess i wonder if it is easy to enter qatar serving peoples needs has always been my pleasure

  7. i have been watching qatar on bbc and would like to work a ghanian,currently teaching at high school.i hold diploma in education and bsc quantity surveying certificates

  8. hi i am a coloured man(mixed race,light brown skinned).I was shortlisted for a position in the hospitality sector next year at a huge hotel in Doha and i was wondering is there any racial inbalances in the country like where im gonna live and how much im gonna earn etc………..

  9. Say something more about Qatari acceptance of those from Sub-Sahara Africa. I have heard nothing but horror stories from Ethiopians and Sudanis.

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