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“Qatar students WIN at ‘Women’s Voices from the Muslim World: A Short-Film Festival’ in Los Angeles”

Doha Film Institute

‘Women’s Voices from the Muslim World: A Short-Film Festival’, which took place from 17-19 March at the Los Angeles Film School, proved to be a pivotal step in the blossoming careers of four young journalism students from Northwestern University Qatar, as all four received prizes for their documentaries.


 “Women’s Voices from the Muslim World”

Aslan Media

Women’s voices from the Muslim world are seldom heard in our part of the world. And even if they are brought to light in the mainstream media, the stories that are told are mostly of oppression and injustice. A young non-profit organization Women’s Voice Now took up the vital task of providing a voice to those women with their recent film festival event.


“Film documents identity crisis among Sudanese”

The Peninsula

Students of Northwestern University-Qatar will screen a documentary that chronicles the untold story of identity crisis in Sudan. ‘Sudan: Divided Identity, Divided Land’ premieres today.

Shereena Qazi and Ola Diab, two journalism senior students of Northwestern University-Qatar, travelled to South Sudan soon after the country was divided, to film the independent research documentary.


“Sudan: Divided Identity, Divided Land”

Doha News

Get yourself down to Education City this evening for the first-ever screening of the documentary “Sudan: Divided Identity, Divided Land.” Filmed and edited by Northwestern University in Qatar students Shereena Qazi and Ola Diab, here’s how they describe it:

This documentary was shot two weeks after the separation of South Sudan focusing and exploring the unreported crucial issue of Afro-Arab identity crisis in Sudan. What this documentary does differently is tell you the story from the voices of the Sudanese people themselves.


“The Qatar Crew: The Students of NU-Q”

Northwestern University in Qatar

They come from Kuwait, Sudan and Saudi Arabia and, of course, Qatar. There are 114 students in the first three classes at NU-Q, including 36 in the new first-year class. We sat down with several sophomores and juniors who make up the face of NU-Q.


“International Women’s Day: My Week for Women”

It has been educative and inspirational to hear comments of writers and activists from around the world this week on the theme of women’s rights, in recognition of International Women’s Day on 8 March…

As Ola Diab’s blog so powerfully shows, Sudan can be immensely proud of its heritage in gender equality, it has been the first country in the region to have a female parliamentarian, judge, TV presenter, police officer and more. But more measures need to be developed and implemented, to allow all the women of Sudan to rise and achieve their dreams and roles in developing the country.


“Sudan’s Bloggeratti: Part I”

500 Words Magazine

Ola is a writer and brilliant rising film maker. Well traveled, humble and adventurous, you sense her longing for Sudan in her work and can only take pride in her now and anticipate the evolution of her work. Based in Qatar, her blog is mostly about her work abroad, with a keen interest in what is not mainstream. Her videos are especially worth seeing.


Jbana & NO Chill

Sudanese podcast, Jbana & NO Chill, hosted by Ahmed El Fadel and Amin Isaac, invite Ola Diab to talk about @Sudan_Voices and Sudanese Who Made It Big.

The Stream – The “Sudanese Supremes”

Ola Diab joins Al Jazeera’s ‘The Stream’ as they host the all-female musical group Al Balabil aka “Sudanese Supremes”.

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