New ‘Sudan Uprising’ Tracks You Should Listen To

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Protests in Sudan erupted on 19 December triggered by shortages and the steep increase in prices of basic commodities such as bread and fuel.

Thousands have taken to the streets of Sudan, demanding an end to Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir’s 30-year dictatorship. The protests are being referred to as a revolution, uprising or even a late Arab Spring movement.

In solidarity with protesters in Sudan, Sudanese music artists, based across the world from Sudan to Qatar to the US, have used their musical talents and creativity to express the revolt of protesters against President Al Bashir and his regime. Their lyrics are revolting.

Inspired by the ongoing protests in Sudan, here are the latest protest songs you should listen to:

“Sudan Revolts” – Sammany Hajo

The first to release a protest song is Qatar-based music artist, Sammany Hajo. He released “Sudan Revolts” on 27 December. The track features soundbites of popular anti-government chants and slogans as well as news reports on the ongoing protests in Sudan.

Listen to “Sudan Revolts” on SoundCloud:

“Revolts” – AE Beats

Sudanese producer Awab (AE Beats) released “Revolts” on 28 December 2018. The hip hop track features voices of Sudanese protesters from the ongoing protests in Sudan.

Listen to “Revolts” on SoundCloud:

“Dusu Dos (Ma Bnakhaf)” – Ramey Dawoud

Inspired by one of the most popular chants of protesters in Sudan, ‘Dusu Dos, Ma Bnakhaf’ (We will stomp on him. We have no fear), Sudanese-American rapper Ramey Dawoud released “Dusu Dos (Ma Bnakhaf)” on 28 December. He raps about the atrocities of the current government, making anti-government statements and showing support to cities which have joined the uprising. Towards the end of the work, the original soundbite of the protests chanting, ‘Dudu Dos, Ma Bnakhaf’, is heard.

Listen to “Dusu Dos (Ma Bnakhaf)” on SoundCloud:

“I’m Out For” – Gofran

Sudanese rapper Gofran released his track, “I’m Out For”, on 29 December 2018. The rap song begins with Sudan’s national anthem then features soundbites of Sudanese protesters then moves into Gofran’s rap with lyrics saying, ‘Been waiting for this moment forever, never thought it’ll start at the end of December…I’m out for freedom. I’m out for justice.’

Listen to “I’m Out For” on SoundCloud:


“Waseyat Al Watn” “وصية وطن” – BaRooD Black

“Waseyat Al Watn” “وصية وطن” (Will of the Homeland), is an implicit protest rap song and patriotic ode where Sudanese rapper BaRooD Black reflects on the Sudanese identity and refers to Sudan as a legacy passed on from older generations to newer generations.

Listen to “Waseyat Al Watn” on SoundCloud:


“Yesqt Hukm Alasaker” “يسقط حكم العسكر” – Ibrahim Nagi 

Singer and actor Ibrahim Nagi, who is known as Amar in the Sudanese hit series, Asham, released his song, “Yesqt Hukm Alasaker” “يسقط حكم العسكر” (Down to the military regime), on 6 January 2019. In the protest song, Nagi sings in Arabic, calling for the fall of President Omar Al Bashir and his military regime.

Listen to “Yesqt Hukm Alasaker” via Ibrahim Nagi’s Facebook page:

“Tasgo6 Bs” – DJ PER50N

DJ PER50N released a club music revolution mix called “Tasgo6 Bs” on 13 January 2019 on YouTube, featuring soundbites of protesters chanting the popular revolution slogan, ‘Tasgut Bas!’, which translates to ‘Just fall, that is all!’ a message from the protesters to President Omar Al Bashir to simply step down.

Listen to “Tasgo6 Bs” on DJ PER50N’s YouTube channel:

“ملاك جريح” “Wounded Angel” – Gadoora

Sudanese rapper Gadoora released his rap song, “ملاك جريح”, on SoundCloud on 19 January 2019. Rapping in Sudanese colloquial Arabic, Gadoora addresses President Omar Al Bashir and his corruption.

Listen to “ملاك جريح” on SoundCloud:


“Surrender” “سلم مفاتيح البلد” – Zoozita

Sudanese singer Zoozita released a cover of “سلم مفاتيح البلد” (Surrender the keys of the country) by the late Mohammed Wardi on 22 January 2019 on YouTube with news footage of the protests in Sudan.

Listen to “سلم مفاتيح البلد” on Zoozita’s YouTube channel:

On 23 January 2019, Zoozita released another song called “أغنية حب للخرطوم” (A Love Song for Khartoum) to mark the protests of 24 January 2019.

Listen to “A Love Song for Khartoum” on Zoozita’s YouTube channel:


“3askar | عسكر” – AG

AG released a reggae song called “3askar” on 25 January 2019 with an official lyric music video on YouTube, featuring graphics of protesters of President Omar Al Bashir and Vice President Ali Osman Taha.

Listen to “3askar” on AG’s YouTube channel:

“Tasgut Bas” “تسقط بس”  – Shaffata Family (Gx & Lil-Mezo & Mr Crazy)

Gx & Lil-Mezo & Mr Crazy released their song, “تسقط بس”, with a music video on YouTube on 7 February 2019, featuring videos and images of the protests in Sudan, addressing President Omar Al Bashir and his regime to fall.

Listen to “تسقط بس” on YouTube:

“Biladi Aman” “بلادي امان” – MAK ft Bisha and Wd Suliman

Muayed Al Khalifa (MAK) released a hip hop track on 13 February 2019 with soundbites of AlHadth’s popular interview with Wd Suliman and Al Bashir’s speech in North Kordofan in February 2019.

Listen to “بلادي امان” by MAK on YouTube:

“Tasgot Bas” “تسقط بس” – NasJota ft Mista D

After their 2013 hit revolution song, “No to Dictatorship” “لا للديكتاتورية”، NasJota have returned with another revolution song, “Tagot Bas” “تسقط بس”, which was released with an official music video on 1 March 2019. Featuring Mista D, the reggae song is dedicated to the martyrs, protesters and other heroes of the Sudan uprising.

Listen to “تسقط بس” by NasJota on YouTube:


“Talk About It”  – TooDope

Rapper Tayeb Hajo, known as TooDope, released his rap song, “Talk About it”, with a lyrical music video on 1 March 2019, rapping in English about the corrupt Al Bashir and his regime.

Listen to “Talk About It“ by TooDope on YouTube:


Honourable mention:

“Milad” “Birth” – Nancy Ajaj 

Well-known Sudanese singer and national ambassador for the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef), Nancy Ajaj released her latest song, “Milad”, with a lyric music video on YouTube on  7 February 2019. Composed by Sammany Hajo and written by Faisal Abdelhalim, the song implicitly addresses President Omar Al Bashir and his regime.



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